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GEMS 1-14-8; AVTS 3-10-22: Problem with this database and cards cast report?

There is a possibly? a problem with this database and the cards cast report
in GEMS.  It gives and internal error when it tries to build the report.  I
have reset the counters to zero and the problem goes away.  I have also
tried entering totals manually and again there is no problem.

It only seems to happen with these vote totals.  The test totals were
generated on AVTS units running a test count; AVTS 3-10-22.  I am running
GEMS 1-14-8.

Since Marin and all the California accounts will probably never print a
cards cast report, we can handle the situation.  I just want to be sure it
is not a symptom of a bigger problem: problem with the Marin database setup
or something with the AVTS counters.


Old marin march 2000 primary set 02-03-2000 with test totals.dbf