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Re: Report Precincts with Base Precincts(ID) Not Correct

The reason why Fitzroy is showing up in the "Adv Vote Ward 1" grouping is because the sortseq or the id (in GEMS) of Fitzroy is the same as "Adv Vote Ward 1".  They are both 80.  The report figures out the grouping by identifying reportunits with the same sortseq.  If Fitzroy is changed to a unique sortseq (ie. 100) the report fixes itself.
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From: Mike Brown
Sent: Thursday, February 10, 2000 1:20 PM
Subject: Report Precincts with Base Precincts(ID) Not Correct

My Reports are giving incorrect information.

I have 2 Cumulative Precincts, one with Base Precinct “Fitzroy Harbour Comm Centre”, and one with out.  However the Pre-Election “Report Precincts with Base Precincts(ID)”  report says that the same Base Precinct, “Fitzroy Harbour Comm Centre” resides in both Cumulative Precincts.


GEMS 1-14-8, GEMS Reports 1-14-8

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Michael can you take a look at this.




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