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Re: Gems 1-15-2 & CC2.00g

In GEMS the determination of whether a precinct has reported is currently
based on whether the precincts's VCenter has reported. Therefor in central
count all precincts in the vcenter are considered reported when the first
ballot is posted.  We will look into changing this in the future but not


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Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2000 3:18 PM
Subject: Gems 1-15-2 & CC2.00g

> I have been doing a little testing with Gems 1-15-2 & AccuVote Roms
> CC2.00g.  After running only 3 different Precincts through Central Count,
> then go to report, I get Precincts Reporting 296/296.  Shouldn't this say
> Precincts Reporting 3/296.  It also states for each individual Precinct
> Report 1/1.  I will be needing to run a L&A test next Tuesday (2/8/00) for
> Memphis, TN.
> Jeff Hintz
> Global Election Systems