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Re: 1.14.11 Exit with Server Open - Doc. Watson

The AccuVote Server was running.  But since I got the message telling me this, and asking me if it was ok to close it, and having said yes to this, I assumed it was ok.  Since I was exiting the program anyway, it didn't seem too disastrous.
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From: Ken Clark <ken@dieboldes.com>
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Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2000 2:27 PM
Subject: RE: 1.14.11 Exit with Server Open - Doc. Watson

Marin DB,
Exit from pulldown menu gives window that basically says, "Server is Open, OK to close" button.  So I said OK, and it gave a Dr. Watson app error with: could not attach to the application  Windows NT error Code = 87. 
There are several "Okay to close" messages, so the exact message would help.  Was upload, central count, monitor result running?