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Re: Memory Card Errors

Steve Knecht wrote:
 PLEASE REINSERT MEMORY CARD (so we do)TEXT CHECK ERROR OK TO CONINTUE? (they were saying yes)PLEASE REINSERT MEMORY CARD (etc. etc.)TEXT CHECK ERROR OK TO CONTINUE? (if you say yes it goes to...)TEST BALLOTS and they continue with their resending results and testing                          modems. Is the memory card damaged at this point??  If I proceed from TEST BALLOTS to PREPARE FOR ELECTION and answer yes, turn the machine off and back on I go back to PLEASE REINSERT MEMORY CARD.
  The data is probably damaged.  The Accu-Vote is reading data that fails the text checksum.  This means either that the text data has changed (likely) or that there is a connection problem that is causing a mis-read of the data.  Whether or not the memory card itself is damaged can only be determined by running a memory card test as is automatically done whenever the card is formatted.
So the card seems blown and will not work in the polling place.  We've been saying that cards are getting blown with increased frequency.  This is the 7th card of 114 cards that have blown.  If they can get a card to blow simply by reinserting it in a series of AccuVotes, then it would seem possible that we can also replicate this.
  We are regularly reinserting memory cards in normal testing up here and I do what I can with the odd one that gets corrupted.  I understand that you're sending me the memory card in question but I would also really like a record of all the failures that includes answers to the questions that I have posted previously on the issue.