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RE: Central Count issues posted on behalf of Mike Brown

This sounds a lot like SteveK's grief in Marin.  We are trying to reproduce it now.  Stay tuned everyone.
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Subject: Central Count issues posted on behalf of Mike Brown

I am posting this at the request of Mike Brown.  He had previously sent this out, but feels that it did not reach everyone as it should have.



Tulare has a problem with their CC.

I found a pattern that can be reproduced every time.  Start CC, open

Absentee -> Count ballots.  Stop CC open MAIL PRECINCT, Count Ballots.  You

will be booted off CC outright, or you will receive an error message that

says "Card Not IN PRECINCT"  Stop CC.  Close out of GEMS.  Start GEMS, start

CC, open MAIL PRECINCT, start counting everything is fine.  Stop CC, open

Absentee, start counting -> same errors occur.


Tari, can you fill in the history for this database.  What changes were made

after the database was locked down.





Larry J. Dix

Global Election Systems