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Re: Puerto Rico Election

Jeff Hintz wrote:

> Yes, that is what we wanted to do, but unfortunately when you try to save
> the settings to a 128k memory card using CC2.00g, it kept giving the
> message - ( BAD CHECKSUM, OK TO FORMAT? ), and we could not save the
> settings to a memory card.  I have just duplicated this message here in the
> Omaha office, again with a 128k memory card using CC2.00g.  I know that you
> can save to a 32k memory card using 2.00g, because I have done this in
> Memphis, TN.

  Right, we need to fix CC support for 128K memory cards.

  If anyone is planning a non-trivial CC event, let me know your schedule and
I'll see that you get a fix in time.  Otherwise I'm focussing on PC2 so if I
can, I'll get a PC2 release out before doing a new release of CC.