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RE: Voter Group Header assignment for generation of separate ballots

The @vgroup macro sounds intriguing for the “Official / Absentee Ballot” header.  


I'll try to get the @vgroup[12] macros in a future release just for the sake of having it, but since they have different instruction text they might as well just make them totally seperate empty races. 

 I will also try creating the races with no candidates and associating each with their respective vgroup2 (perhaps as a solution to the separate instructions header problem). 


It’s a dumb law.   


Also right, but its not in the top ten.

Of course, having the printer typeset these things is available as a solution, although the Georgia customers are not enamored of it. 


That is always an option, and in their case since its the same text in the same place I doubt it would even be that painfull.  See which is the lesser of evils, the empty race or the typeset solution, and run with it.