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Entering Names with apostrophes in Labels

Syntax Error when entering a name with an apostrophe.  It is easy enough to omit the apostrophe in a report unit but the Irish may not be pleased when their names appear without it.  O'Hara  O'Handley  O'Marra      OHara     OHandley    OMarra
I entered seven candidates, the third was O'Handley.  After entering the other four, I touch OK to do the next race.  Syntax Error.  Took the apostrophe out of OHandley in the label field.  EXCEPTION!  Removed the apostrophe from the ballot text as well.  EXCEPTION!  No apostrophes anywhere - EXCEPTION.  Cancelled out.
Re-entered the candidates and left the apostrophe out of the O'Handley Label and keyed directly into the ballot text.  OK

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