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Re: download error in 1-16-1-2 /3-12-5

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From: Ken Clark <ken@dieboldes.com>
To: bugtrack@dieboldes.com <bugtrack@dieboldes.com>
Date: Monday, April 24, 2000 2:49 PM
Subject: RE: download error in 1-16-1-2 /3-12-5

you green up arrow  
You green up arrow yourself... ;-)
 -  if you queue again you can download again  but instead of going to red down arrow - arrow stays green and up - like you have already uploaded - when you just downloaded - 
It *is* still uploaded.  Downloading again does not clear results.  You have to reset if that is what you want.  This is the case with the AVOS as well.
Unless I am still missing you.