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GEMS 1.14.11 "Internal Error" from looking at Setup>Election screen

Attached is a database from Iredell County, NC.  When the Setup>Election screen is opened, then closed using “OK” (whether a change is made to the fields on that screen or not), GEMS gives an internal error.


Also, if one highlights a vote center on the tree view and attempts to look at the Card tab, GEMS gives an internal error.


Also, for some reason, three base precincts (5-1, 5-2, 5-3) in one report precinct (Coddle Creek 3) have a ballot status of Generated despite the fact that no races nor headers have been entered and no ballots generated.  Going to Artwork>Reset Artwork changes the ballot status to Not Generated, but this does not clear up the aforementioned two Internal Error problems.



Iredell NC 2000 2nd primary.dbf