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Fw: Primary Election - 2 Cards per voter - Political & Non-Partisan - Blank Card created

This is fixed and will be in the next GEMSReports release.

The new Gems does fix the issue of the blank card.  However, the Pre Election Reports are still coming up with incorrect Party names for certain Reporting Precincts.  For example: The report Base Precincts with Cards has for the first Reporting Precinct that Card 1 is DEM, Card 2 is DEM, and Card 3 is REP; where Card 1 should be NP.  That was the same problem I had with earlier versions, except I had 2 cards for NP, card 1 being blank.  It looks like some of the other reports that contain the Party information are incorrect as well.  I don’t know if the reports are incorrect because the NP ballot is also included with the DEM & REP ballots.


Jeff Hintz

Global Election Systems