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RE: Allows entering primary party codes in different case

Should I toupper() everything in GEMS at download?


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> Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2000 12:54 PM
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> Subject: VTS: Allows entering primary party codes in different case
>   I have no idea why this seems to be new but I just
> manually fixed a VTS database in which one of the races had
> been entered using an upper case REP party code while the
> rest were lower case.  This caused the AV to return a
> properly marked ballot as cross voted.  Is it true that up
> until now everyone has been consistent in the way they
> entered the race party codes?
>   This should be fixed in future releases of both VTS and
> the AV.  VTS should convert to a single case probably
> according to how it's defined in the registration codes
> although simply forcing upper or lower case on download
> would support all current AV releases.  Future releases of
> the AV should be case insensative.
>                  Guy