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Re: no MC recovery in 1-17-2

thanks - I didn't realize that had been done after downloading -
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From: Talbot Iredale <tiredale@dieboldes.com>
To: lcclerk <lcclerk@thegrid.net>; bugtrack@dieboldes.com <bugtrack@dieboldes.com>
Cc: Tari Runyan <trglobal@earthlink.net>
Date: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 8:37 PM
Subject: Re: no MC recovery in 1-17-2

You have changed the labels for some of the races after downloading the vote centers the first time, therefore the memory cards cannot be recovered.
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From: lcclerk
Sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2000 2:15 PM
Subject: no MC recovery in 1-17-2

2 db attached 1 before and 1 after -  in after I added MB precincts to provisional vote center and gems told me I need to re download all vote centers -this should not be the cas - should only have to download the provisional 
Tari Runyan