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Re: taskbar flashes when ballot cast

This is fixed and will be in the next AVTS release.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2000 12:43 PM
Subject: taskbar flashes when ballot cast

AVTS 3-13-5-3.  The taskbar appears briefly just after the voter touches the cast ballot button.  Worse, if you have working around with Windows Exporer and leave the window up on the desktop, it will appear as well.  Some may remember that we used to flash the last ballot page when casting, and I presume this problem has been around since that was "fixed".
There is a reasonable workaround:  hide the taskbar by dragging it down, and make sure nothing else is running on the desktop.  Note that auto-hide doesn't seem to help.  You'll still see a few pixels worth of gray flash at the bottom of the screen, but it is not very noticible.