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RE: AVTS- - Times Counted is incorrect when you vote Write-In's

Mail me a zip of the floppy, and I'll take a look.  I just tried voting one writein for president and the report looks okay, but I am probably missing something.
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Subject: AVTS- - Times Counted is incorrect when you vote Write-In's

Doing testing for Mahoning County, OH with AVTS version  There are 2 races that have write-in's, if you do not vote any write-in's for those 2 races all totals come out fine on reports from both the Ballot Station & Poll Book.  If you do vote write-in's, then the Times Counted and number of Under Votes become incorrect, but only for those 2 races with the write-in's.  Obviously you can print out a report with the write-ins, and do not turn on the Long Report option, and all is well.  When you transfer the totals to Gems, all the totals come out correctly there.  However, for Mahoning County they will not be using Gems, they will be printing directly from the AVTS units.  Help!!!!!
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems