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recounting a race in 1-11-2

here is the scenario -
set up a reporting set to recount 1 race - 
programmed all polling , early and AB MC  -  counted AB and early (45,000) but when coming to the polling - each polling vote center had a precinct in it which did not have the race to recount -   ergo a loop on the AccuVote -  just continuous printing
In order to not have to recount the AB's and early i went up to reporting set and in the one set for recount added the races that appeared in the odd precinct in each polling vote center - 
then we redownloaded only the polling vote centers - and that ended the loop on the Accuvote and allowed us to recount the polling ballots
we then created a new reporting set with just the 1 race we had to recount and will use that for reports when we upload -
not a very good way to do it - using a bug to fix a bug -  but it beats recounting all 45000 ballots - the AB and Early cards did not have the precinct in it that the polling vote center did - that is why we saw no loop then .
thank you Ken for the help
Tari Runyan
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