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Re: R-6 unit; Travis County Demo

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From: "Rodney D Turner" <rodney@dieboldes.com>
To: <bugtrack@dieboldes.com>
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2001 11:42 AM
Subject: R-6 unit; Travis County Demo

> We used GEMS 1-17-13 and R-6 Ballot Station
> During the Travis County Demo, we ran accross the following problems:
> Burned voter cards with Pollbook 3-13-9-2: did not work in the R-6

Fixed in BallotStation 4.0.3.

> Created voter cards with the R-6, Set for Election, R-6 did not burn cards
> in Election Mode, in other words you could use the voter card as if you
> in Test Count.

Could not reproduce.

> When creating voter cards with the R-6, if you select "create cards" a
> number times, like four or five, a card does not get created. The sytems
> hangs.

Fixed in BallotStation 4.0.3.