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CM 0.2.8 Manager Card versions

Hopefully my own lack of common sense will benefit someone else.
Noticed some Manager Cards worked on BS 4.0.5 - R6, while others did not.
Spyrus was loaded with CM 0.2.5
Loaded Spyrus with CM 0.2.8
Used Upgrade Manager Card function on Spyrus to upgrade Mgr Card
Tried it on R6 and it worked.
Upgraded ALL Mgr Cards (That's the message - DON'T DO THAT!)
Next tried Ballot Station ( on R5 to check out VIBS
Manager Card was not recognized (Gave 'Invalid Card' message) to exit the BS voting function,
Turned off unit, back on, went to Supervisor functions, and Manager card did work.
Seems to work inconsistently on R5 unit.
Lesson, the Upgrade Manager Card function IS NOT always backward compatible (as of today),
Be careful out there.
Steve Knecht
Global Election Systems
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415-225-6591 cell