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RE: Rom 1.96.2

Hmmm.  Re-reading the run-on paragraph a second time I can't tell what Greg means.  Its been cleared and not cleared in the same sentence.
Greg, try 1.94 and see if it is any different.  My guess at this point is that Tari's assessment is probably correct.
(1)    AV stops.
(2)    Remove the ballot.  You don't need to touch the lid unless you have a jam.
(3)    Press YES
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This is the standard behavior I have always observed with feeders.  press yes to continue
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Gems-1-18-2   rom level 1.96.2  17" ballot NY ballot.  Accu-Feed
When a ballot has triggered the AVOS as being unacceptable, for whatever reason, the AF stops and the ballot cleared, but when AF lid is lowered, the AF will still try to feed the next ballot, even though the AVOS has not been cleared.
It appears as though there is no communication from the AVOS to the AF to stop until the operator touches the YES key.

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