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Accumulator paper log with no paper

BSCE-4.1.1.  Paper tape is removed from the AccuVote-TS R6 in post election mode.  Select Accumulator.  Error message pops up (as it should) "failed to write to printer".  I believe this is due to trying to do the "texas log" of the accumulation.  Click cancel.  Error message pops up "printer aborted due to error".  'Course we know that, we pressed cancel after all (grumble).  The only option is okay.  Pressing okay invokes a "clank" sound, and does nothing.  Hitting okay a few more times give more clanks.  Eventually it looks like something times out (or the OK is otherwise recognized) and the results accumulator screen comes up.  At that point if you select edit, it exits the ballot station and puts you back at the desktop.