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BS4.1.1.0 crashes after canceling card reader error message

AVTS R6 running BS4.1.1.0
When error (VoterCard.cpp Line 353) is detected, while trying to program a 4K memory card  and the "OK" button is pressed the system will
return to the CE desktop.
We found three cards that triggered the same error (VoterCard.cpp Line 353).
All three behaved the same, returning to desktop after OK pressed.
One of the three was used in a test with BS4.0.10.0 and was successfully programmed.
Subsequently BS4.1.1.0 also successfully programmed the same card.
The same data base was used for the testing in all cases.
Viewing one of the remaining corrupted cards with card production manager shows all flags set with most of the levels set to -1.
The ID field and PIN field were filled with the same character, a lower case "y" which has 2 dots above each character, it looks like a Swedish character.
Ken/Tab let me know if you want the corrupted cards overnighted to you.