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Trigger INTERNAL ERROR while EXPANDING/COLLAPSING tree view in GEMS 1.17.13 and 1.17.16

GEMS 1.17.13, GEMS 1.17.16
1.    Expand a district that has one or more sub-districts.
2.    Click on one of its sub-districts in the tree view.
3.    Collapse its parent district.
4.    Click on any of the file folders in the list view: Race,  Base Precinct, Ballot Styles.
                    --> GEMS Exception
                         Internal Error
                         File DBT abWnd.cpp, line 113, Date: Sep 7, 2001
Error may be generated with report precinct with one or more base precincts in the same manner.  This doesn't happen in 1-17-11 or earlier GEMS Releases.