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BallotStation 4.0.11 download error

Three instances of the same vote center (defined with multiple memory cards) are queued for downloading in GEMS 1-17-16 over a LAN connection.  The first vote center downloads successfully.
The OK button is touched on the BallotStation in response to the 'Transfer Completed' message.  Following this message,
If you wish to download another please insert
another election media and press OK, otherwise
press Done to continue
is displayed.  Done is touched.
Please remove the election media
then press Okay to continue
or press Shutdown to shutdown
is displayed.  At this point, the programmed election media is removed from the R6 unit and a blank PCMCIA card is installed.  The 'Download Election' box appears automatically, and the OK button is touched.  The download progress bar appears momentarily, followed by
Not enough storage is available to process this
at the same time as
The specified network name is no longer available
on the GEMS host.  Click on the OK button in the GEMS error message, and touch OK in the BallotStation error message.
Transfer Failed
is displayed on the BallotStation.  Touching OK re-displays the 'Download Election' box, and touching OK in this box re-displays the 'not enough storage' message.
Since the first vote center/machine combination downloaded successfully to a 32MB PCMCIA card, the second vote center/machine ID download should not encounter a space problem downloading to a 32MB card.