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Re: GEMS 1-17-15 Monitor Script created with erroneous data

The database referenced only had the jurisdiction wide script defined so I cannot be certain what the problem was.  I think the problem was that a baseunit was selected rather than a reportunit since these were incorrectly displayed in the list box.
The system now only displays district in the district list box and precincts in the precinct list box.
This will be in GEMS1-1-7-17 and GEMS1-18-5.
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Sent: Thursday, October 04, 2001 6:07 PM
Subject: GEMS 1-17-15 Monitor Script created with erroneous data

An election is defined for with one central count vote center returning results to polling precincts.  A monitor script is defined as jurisdiction wide, for all races in the election.  A batch of four ballots is counted centrally.  JResultClient displays the contents of the monitor script as expected.


A second monitor script is defined for one precinct only.  Results Server creates a script file containing correct data for the first monitor script; the second script file contains erroneous data.


The database 'El Paso, CO' is located on maryann//d:/program files/gems/backup.


Posted on behalf of Mike Brown in El Paso County, Colorado.