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Fw: Teller County Problem

Posted on behalf of Tari.
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Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 10:40 PM
Subject: Teller County Problem

This one has me stumped
here is the gbf and her email = they are running 1-17-8 and I tested it in 1-17-16 and got the same problem =
can you see what is wrong here please and let me know ?
From Susan Halterman in Teller
I had apparent successful downloads to memory cards for the following 3
Report Precinct Categories :
- (Precinct) 6. Balke Building
- Early/Absentee - C.C. (Cripple Creek)
- Early/Absentee - W.P. (Woodland Park)

(All other precincts were unsuccessful - "MSG OUT OF SYNC")

BUT: When I printed the 0's Report on the AcuVote paper tape (the Short
Form) on all three successful downloads the reports were flawed.  All 3
reported the same races and were wrong. The races reported for all three
were my first 4 races (only Race ID's; 10, 20, 30 & 40).  Obviously my E/A
precinct should have had all 21 races listed, and Precinct 6 should have 11
races.  What really confuses me is: when you look at the races tab for the
report precincts all the correct races are listed on the right.  If you want
me to fax you copies of the paper tape report just let me know.

I speculate the problem may have something to do with the fact that we
combined voting precincts.  (You had assisted me in doing that a few weeks
ago.)  In review, we combined precincts because Connie requested not having
sequences for her combined voting precincts.  So you had me delete one
precinct in a pair of combined precincts and rename the remaining precinct
to reflect the combination.  One of the consequences of these deletions was
any base precinct associated with a deleted Report Precinct was also
deleted.  At the time this did not seem have any negative affect, I got all
my correct ballots and they are linked correctly to the Voting Precincts.

I notice that the 4 races listed on the paper tape 0's report are all races
exclusive to Precinct 6 - The only uncombined precinct (the only one we
didn't make changes to aside from the E/A precinct category)

Today, I tried recreating the base precincts that were deleted and including
them in our combined precincts, but stopped when I discovered the only way I
could do this was to uncheck "cards laid out" but this would force me to
re-do the artwork.  As you know; the ballots already have arrived from the

Any help will be welcome;  Susan 

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