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Re: GEMS 1-17-5 CC not Stopping on Writeins

correct - you say it so eloquently
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Subject: RE: GEMS 1-17-5 CC not Stopping on Writeins

I believe what Tari is trying to say is "if you set the AccuVote to use a feeder, it will stop on write-ins."  She is also indicating that even though the AccuVote is set in Feeder mode, she does not have a feeder attached to the AccuVote.  It is probably operating on a table top.

This is do-able.  The AccuVote doesn't have any feedback that a feeder is on top of it or not.  In feeder mode, the AccuVote is just feeding ballots straight through, (instead of stopping, reversing, ejecting as it would in Ballot Box mode) and also sending an enable/disable signal to it's deflector connector.  All the AccuVote wants is a ballot to be fed into the reader.  It doesn't care by what method.

In feeder mode, the AccuVote stops on any error or programmed exception, displays a message, and requires a response to continue.  Unless a ballot is jammed in the reader, the last ballot on the outstack is the reference for the message.  The central count firmware is already able to stop on write-ins when in the feeder mode.  I believe there needs to be a flag set in GEMS to accommodate that feature. 


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Subject: RE: GEMS 1-17-5 CC not Stopping on Writeins

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> If you see the accuvote to use feeder it will stop -

Say again?

> I did this in Adams
> and am not using feeders.

Its unusual to sort writeins without a feeder using central count.  Are you
sure Adams was doing that?