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RE: Printing error on BS 4.1.2


	Don is the one that actually found the bug so he will have to correct me if
i am wrong in any of this.  We loaded a card from GEMS 1.17.17 into the BS
4.1.2 you sent us last night.    Don then loaded it into the R6 unit and
proceeded to vote the unit using the "Test Count" feature "Without Cards".
He voted one precinct and then printed the first report without any
problems.  Don then went back into "Test Count" and voted an additional
precinct came back out and tried to print.  At that point he got the error
discussed below.  Hope this was of some help.


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    I have tried all sorts of combinations and I cannot reproduce the
problem you reported.  What exact steps did you do to create the problem?


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> After printing the initial printout on startup,  I recieve the following
> error when trying to print all subsequent printouts:  "Failed to write to
> printer".  "Retry" or "Cancel".  No matter how many times you hit "Retry"
> the printer will not engage until you flip the paper feed lever on the
> printer.  Once you do this and press "Retry" it will print.  We have tried
> this on two different machines with the same results.
> Kerry