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VIBS with Spyrus on non-Vibs R4

BSNT-4-1-2 non VIBS R4, GEMS-1-18-4-1, CM-0-2-10
Election mode
Select asterisk on Spyrus to create VIBS card. 
Caution appears when voter card has been read. 
Touch OK and election screen with flag appears. 
Insert a non VIBS voter card. 
Instructions and following screens are magnified voter card after voter card. 
The only way back to a regular screen is the three fingered salute, re-boot, (I tried WD-40 and it didn't fix it).
Question:  Will a voter card programmed VIBS with a Spyrus inserted into a non VIBS R6 cause the same condition? 
If there is one VIBS out of 4 or 5 R6s in a voting location and the voter puts a VIBS card into a non VIBS R6 will that R6 have to be re-booted?

Greg Forsythe
Global Election Systems, Inc
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(416) 464-3736 cell