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Lost audio in R6

R6 CE 3.0  BS 4.3.1  GEMS
Made a few changes in TSText 1.18.9 and downloaded vote centre via Ethernet to R6.  No audio in VIBS. 
I deleted the election from the R6 in Supervisor Functions. 
Replaced the modified TSText with the original in GEMS and downloaded vote centre.  No audio in VIBS. 
Tried different vote centres unsuccessfully, always deleting the election from the R6 Supervisor Functions and using the same PCMCIA card.
Tried the vote centre on desktop PC and audio worked.
Finally, removed the PCMCIA card from the R6 and installed in laptop.  It contained four or five sets of numbers and Current election. 
Deleted them all from the PCMCIA card. 
Removed PCMCIA from the laptop and installed back into the R6.  Downloaded a vote centre and VIBS came up loud and clear. 
It appears that the ID left in the PCMCIA after deleting election prevented the audio from playing.

Greg Forsythe
Diebold Election Systems
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(416) 464-3736 cell