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26 or more candidates fails to build AVTS database

Posted on behalf of Jane, who would normally post to bugtrack, but is in a hurry and is pulling her hair out trying to solve the problem.





From:                     Jane Barth [mailto:jbglobal@earthlink.net]

Sent:                     Thursday, April 11, 2002 11:07 AM

To:                         Dmitry Papushin

Subject:                 Gems 1.17.17 BS error when building database

Importance:          High


Hi Dmitry,


I would normally send this out to support or bugtrack, however I'm in a extreme hurry and have been pulling my hair out trying to solve this problem.  The problem occurs within Ballot Station.  I have 1 race, 1 precinct.  The 1 race has 28 candidates.  The problem is if I only put in 25 candidates everything is fine, but when I try to put 26 or more candidates this is what happens:


Election transfers OK, then when it starts to build the database I receive these errors:


Exception....hit OK


Build Election Failed.....hit OK


Exception in Ballot Station

Build Database Failed.....Hit OK


Then back to desktop to receive this Dr. Watson error:

An application error has occurred




The client has R4's all with loaded.  Attached is the EBS error I receive when it crashes and also attached is the test database I was using. Password is xxx. 





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