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Fw: Placer Database

Dear Tracker,

Placer has consistently reported this problem during their central count
use of the AccuVote.  It is that the AV CC2.00h will sometimes not increment
the counter (we are assuming a "passed ballot" here I believe), when holding
the yes button down and accepting an overvote.  Please read below and let me
know how to respond.  Database is attached.

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From: "Gary Smith" <GSmith@placer.ca.gov>
To: <skglobal@earthlink.net>
Cc: "Dan Michael" <DMichael@placer.ca.gov>; "Laura Vizenor"
<LVizenor@placer.ca.gov>; "Ryan Ronco" <RRonco@placer.ca.gov>
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 2:10 PM
Subject: Placer Database

The recount went well, thank goodness no hand recount.  We are having a
problem with what I believe is the Gems database.  We have had 2 instances
where over voted ballots have been run through our central count accuvotes
and got a reject overvote error message.  When you hold down the yes button
and run the ballot through again the display on accuvote does not increment
the ballot counter.  This has happened in two databases our live one and our
test copy.  The first instance was counting absentee ballots in March and
then 2 days ago in our test database.  I tried to recreate the problem today
on our test database and now it just accepts all over votes with no error
messages.  The database is still set to reject over votes.  This leads me to
believe that we have a corrupt database.  I am attaching our test database
and hope you can give us some advice.

Attachment: placerprimary03-05-2002 test.gbf
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