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Race Editor - Candidates tab - Endorse Drop down changes the order of listings

GEMS 1-18-9

On the candidate tab of the Race editor screen, if you create a new
candidate and then select a party from the endorse drop down menu, the menu
changes the order of the parties listed.  It lists the party you selected
first and then the remaining parties in order of their ID #.


-  Click to add a new race
-  Click on the Candidate tab
-  Click on the new icon
-  Add a new candidate and select 'Democratic' from the 'Endorse' drop down
-  Click on 'Endorse' drop down menu

Result:  The drop down menu now lists the party that you had selected for
the candidate (Democratic) and then the remaining parties (N.P, Republican,
Libertarian etc).  It should always have the parties listed in order of
their ID #