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RE: AccuVote-TS - VoterCard.dll

> For Wyle Certification & for our own testing we need a Test -
> VoterCard.dll that will enable TS unit to run Microsoft Visual
> Test scripts without the having to repeatedly insert a Voter
> Card.  I am currently working on the Microsoft Visual Test
> scripts, but until I have this new VoterCard.dll, I have to keep
> using a card to access a ballot.

I have written a voter card interface like this for testing on my
development machine since it doesn't have a smart card reader.  Right now it
is hard coded to bring up precinct 1.  If this will suffice, I can get a new
release out that does this in short order.  If you need to be able to access
more than one precinct or ballot style through a dialog box, follow up and
I'll put that in the queue.