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Fw: Audit trail improvement suggestions

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Sent: Wednesday, December 08, 1999 1:40 PM
Subject: Audit trail improvement suggestions

Dear Kerry:
Please forward this as a request to the appropriate people.   Could the audit report for a scanner print a message regarding the number of times a ballot(s) jammed.
We usually have a recanvass after an election, particularly for close races. 
We sometimes cannot duplicate the totals printed by the vote center's scanner at the close of polls. 
They may be off by one or two.  We know from experience that this is frequently due to the fact that the pollworkers do not pay close enough attention to the messages displayed on the LCD.  If a ballot jams, they may not read the message which tells them if it has been counted or that it has not been counted.  We don't know if they fed it again when in fact it had already been counted, or whether they deposited it when it had not been counted.  We know that there is no way for the machine to tell, but if a message could print on the audit report for each time a ballot jammed, it would give us evidence during a recanvass or recount to substantiate that a ballot(s) had jammed, which would account for the fact that the same count may not be exactly replicated if all ballots for that vote center are manually fed again.