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RE: Logging Scanner Jams (was: Audit trail improvement suggestions)


> > If the ballot jam had happened at 2:23:52PM instead of
> 1:13:24PM, what are
> > you going to conclude as the election administrator?
> >
> >
> Sometimes they actually call the inspector and pollworkers to ask what
> happened.  The more information they have the better they can discuss with
> the pollworkers.  As I said, the statistical approach would help them
> explain to others, the log approach would help them reconstruct the
> explanation.

I don't mean to be pedantic here, and certainly don't want to pick on Steve, but this relates to do with other log requests we have had, so I will take one more crack at this. 

What, exactly, are you going to "reconstruct"?  Give me a realistic scenario where an election administrator, armed with the times that the ballots jammed, could conclude anything interesting about the election that they couldn't conclude armed with the stat.