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RCR (VTS) Write-ins

I would like to request a change in the "Maintain Races and Questions" [ES] 
module (Options section) which would allow me to insert 1 or whatever numbers 
of spaces between the last candidate's oval and the 1st Write-in oval of a 
particular race.

The end result being performed in the "Locate Races / Quests on Ballot" [LR] 
module which would result in all candidates (for that particular race) be 
positioned as normal, followed by 1 (or whatever number is inputted in [ER]) 
space(s), followed by write-in position (s) normally spaced.

I realize that this is short notice but I have recently been informed by the 
states of NH and Massachusetts that they will be spacing their Write-ins in 
this manner for their Presidential Primaries on Feb. 1st and March 7th 
respectively.  Since I have over 200 customers in those states, it would save 
me a GREAT deal of time in avoiding all those adjustments.

I would greatly appreciate your consideration on this request ASAP.

I can be reached at (978) 683-0777 ext. 107.    Fax # (978) 687-3670.