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GEMS Modifications for Hamilton County

The modifications needed for Hamilton County to comply with state law for the March 14 Presidential Primary are these:

We need the ability to list upwards of 35 candidates under multiple sub-headings in one race.


Committed and Uncommited (Race)


Vote for Five (5) (Vote For)

Committed to


() Victor Ashe (Candidates)

() Howard H. Baker

() Lana Bowman Ball

Committed to

PAT BUCHANAN (Sub-Heading)

() Timothy J. Hatmaker (More Candidates)

() Joe Kirkpatrick

() Bob Brown

...... etc.

This example could theoretically continue with as many as 10 sub-headings within the race and as many as 50 candidates under those sub-headings and within this one race. Under law, voters are allowed to vote for 5 candidates from anywhere within this race, no matter to whom the delegate-candidates are committed.

Now that I've totally confused you, I am also faxing you an example of such a ballot from another county in Tennessee that was using an optical scan system during the Presidential Primaries in 1996.



Cathi Smothers

Hamilton County Election Commission

514 E 4th St.

Chattanooga, TN 37403

(423) 209-7720