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RE: AVTS - Background colors by party

> Have the capability of being able to change the background color.  Some
> users of the AVTS require for their Primary Elections to have the
> background color the same as their Parties color, i.e.: Democrat = Green,
> Republican = Red, etc., etc.; this is done in some states already with
> paper ballots.  Also for their General Elections a background
> color that is
> different than any of the Party colors is needed.
> Jeff Hintz

Interesting.  Party color has actually come up before in another guise.
Someone wanted to pie charts in JResult to match the color of the
candidate's party.

I guess we are talking about a color list in the vgroup editor here.  Jeff,
did the 1.1.3 IMark stuff handle the by-party case, or is this completely
new?  Fixed bg color I know is part of the style file.  Also, what accounts
need this specifically?