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AVTS - Text & Background colors for Headers, Races, Candidates, & Buttons

RCR:		Text & Background colors for Headers, Races, Candidates, & Buttons
Requested:	March 21, 2000
Required:	Future AVTS Elections
Jurisdiction:	All Accounts that use AVTS

Have the capability of being able to change the color of text and the 
background for Headers, Races, & Candidates.  This is not currently a 
requirement by any of our current accounts, but when doing either 
Demonstration or Actual elections showing more colors usually gets the 
attention of the customer and/or potential customer.

Being able to change the text and background color for the Buttons, i.e.: 
PREVIOUS, NEXT, CAST BALLOT, etc., etc. has come up several times in the 
past, and we currently have different Button Colors for Shelby County, TN - 
(Memphis).  But we are currently using the old I-Mark software, which is 
capable of doing this.

I would imagine adding a color list within Gems for the Headers, Races, & 
Candidates.  However, we currently do not have any access to the text or 
background for the Buttons in Gems.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems