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Gems - Precincts Reporting for whole election on Precinct Summary Report

RCR:		Precinct Reporting for whole election on Precinct Summary Report
Requested:	March 22, 2000
Required:	Future Elections
Jurisdiction:	Shelby County, TN - (Memphis) & All other Accounts

Shelby County, TN is currently requesting that the Precincts Reporting be 
at the top of the Precinct Summary Report, in between the Main Heading and 
the Races.  We currently have the Precincts Reporting, but this is only by 
Race, and only includes the Precincts for that Race.  They need the 
Precincts Reporting for the whole election.    Currently, the only way to 
how many total Precincts they currently have is by looking at a county wide 
within the Precinct Summary Report.  Again, this feature could be added to 
the Show boxes as an option within the Precinct Summary window, and should 
be available for both the District Summary and the Precinct Summary, just 
like all the other options.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems