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Gems - Custom heading for Reports

RCR:		Custom heading for Reports
Requested:	March 29, 2000
Required:	July 2000
Jurisdiction:	Shelby County, TN - (Memphis) & All other Accounts

Shelby County, TN has requested the capability of being able to customize 
their heading for the Precinct Summary Report & the SOVC Report.  Currently 
we can add some text that will be appended to the 3rd line of the default 
heading, however, they wish to be able to customize their own 3 line 
heading and not use the default heading.  We could possibly put in a new 
field within the Setup for customized headings, so we can save this new 
heading.  Then we could add another check box under the Show window to use 
customized heading instead of the default heading.

Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems