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Re: Dynabec requests

Dynabec signed a contract earlier on this year with Global in which we agreed to provide these features.  They have a by-election coming up, hopefully well after the Quebec Municipal elections Nov. 5th, for which they need this work.  Whatever they are charged has to fall in line with this contract.
As far as point 4 is concerned, yes, operational instructions in administrator mode.
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From: Ken Clark
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 8:52 AM
Subject: RE: Dynabec requests

Sorry;  I was meaning to respond to this.
(1) is done AFAIK.
(2) will be part of the rewrite eventually.  Basically that means supporting Accu-Basic on the AVTS.  Not part of the initial release, but some time next year hopefully.
(3) probably wouldn't be too hard to code up, but this is definitely something we need a line-item charge for.
(4) is a tough one.  I assume they are talking about "administrator" operational instructions here.  User (ie voter) text is all customizable through TSText.  We'll have to make i18n part of the rewrite if we think we are going to sell a lot of these things overseas.  Let devel know the sales projections for AVTS where the poll workers will be non-English, and we'll set the priority in the rewrite accordingly. 
We can in theory hack (2) and (4) into the existing AVTS using less general techniques (fork a special French release) but that'd be expensive for Dynabec.
Note:  If we go forward with any special projects under contract for Dynabec, these will have to be resubmitted with each project title.  "Dynabec requests" is not an RCR, and the outstanding 3 items will not be coded in concert.
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Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 10:44 AM

I have seen a couple of items come in on this.  Can you update me on what is left outstanding.



Larry J. Dix

Global Election Systems



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Subject: Dynabec requests


Dynabec requires the following revisions to the ballot station:

1.     Allow for the instructions screen to be omitted.

2.     Create an optional French report file.

3.     Implement 'None of the Above' as a candidate option, forcing the voter to select either a candidate or 'None of the Above'.

4.     Allow operational instructions to be set in French.