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AVTS - Multiple write-in lines for group of candidates

I am currently programming a trial election for Mahoning County, Ohio.  On the Presidential race, both the President and Vice President are grouped together as one voting position.  However, the write-in voting position needs to come up with 2 write-in lines and 2 seperate write-ins, one for the President and then one for the Vice President.  Within the old I-Mark software, there was an option for the number of choices per voting position.  When you increased that number to 2 or more, and also had a write-in defined for that race, then when you voted for the write-in, it would prompt you for the first write-in choice, then the second write-in choice and so on, until it reached the number of choices you defined for that race.
Again this is for their November electionI am not sure if we can get by with just the single write-in, and put in both names at that time.  However, this will be something that will come up for other customers in the future as well.
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems