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Title Changes to Election Summary Report - GEMS

WE are doing a special election in Puerto Rico on FEB 24 2002.  Since Puerto Rico brakes down precincts by units and then units by “colegios” our terminology just does not match there reporting structure.


We need to change the First Label From:             Number of Precincts       To:                    Numero de Unidades


We need to change the second Label From:         Precincts Reporting        To:                    Unidades Reportando


All of the rest could stay the same for now but since we will be doing elections for Puerto Rico on regular bases and ultimately by summer or early fall sell them GEMS and 4 to 5 thousand AVOS units. We should start thinking of doing a quasi - Spanish GEMS version for them.  I feel that we should do this instead of continuing doing patches and fixes every time we do on of these.


I am enclosing the latest Dbase that Jeff has done for this event to get a flavor of this account structure.  For a full Island wide perspective Jeff Hintz has an Island wide Dbase we did a few years ago during an Island Wide Election for the Republican Party.  That one thruly show there reporting structure.


For this one just the two top changes will do.  But I feel that for the next one that will be in summer for a senatorial district we will need additional changes.





Juan A. Rivera



san juan - feb.gbf