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RE: AccuVote Tapes Results Report

This week is no problem.  Consider it done.
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This request was put in on March 27, 2000 during the last party primary that created a long tape.  Tulare would like it implemented for the November 2000 election.  Oh, sorry that was 18 months ago.  How about this week? Unless there is something more complicated that I don't understand, I am asking to delete the code that tells it to print the races/candidates and their totals on the ELECTION REPORT.  At the time Guy did not get what I was asking for and my fault for not following up.  If we don't have it, we don't have it, and they'll just turn the unit off during the printing.  Perhaps we could make the change for next November? 

Report Name could be something like 1.94 US PCTBLTCAST or something. 

Re: Fw: Accu-Vote printouts

Steve Knecht wrote:

> Guy, could we get an AccuBasic Report Option that just printed out the label
> and the ballots cast by precinct only for the zero and election night
> report.  The California tape was incredibly long in this last election and
> when we combine precincts into a polling place, we really only use the
> ballots cast information for each precinct.  This would shorten up the
> morning and evening procedures.  We could always request longer reports if
> we need them.  1.94US BCST or something like that.  Please let me know.
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Subject: RE: AccuVote Tapes Results Report

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Subject: AccuVote Tapes Results Report
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Please don't do that.  
California counties want to have an AccuVote report that prints only the label and a Precinct No. and Vote Totals for the precinct.  NO Races/Candidates.  Just the precinct and total ballots cast.  Can this be done relatively quickly?   
Relative to what.
There are several sites that want to have the shorter report.  THIS IS FOR THE RESULTS REPORT ONLY.  Let me know if we can't do this?   
We can do just about anything.
Maybe we have this and I'm not aware of it.
Haven't heard of it myself.