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RE: Order that Write-ins Appear on AccuVote Tape

While I like the idea of moving the write-in listing to the end, I am concerned that making the change to the standard 194us.abo might have implications later on in FL, since the current layout is part of the certified package here.

I can check with the FL Div and get their input if anyone wants to pursue it.


At 2/11/2002 04:51 PM, you wrote:
With respect to the substance of this request, is there anyone against having this change incorporated into the standard 1.94us abo?  We can either create a 1.94usca for Steve's California accounts that puts the write-ins after the candidates, or make that the standard.  Either way is equal effort, we just need to know which.
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I am submitting a new RCR for this old RCR.  Documentation of prior RCRs below. 

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