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RE: Request for PR Summary Export Report

Similar to what Tab had done for the Vieques Eleccion, they need this
of format for Summary Report instead of pricinct by precint.

The folloing items and their fixed lenght fieds are as follows:

Total ballots Counted "XXXX"
Units reporting "XX"
Blank Ballots "XXXX"
Non Adjudicated or Overvote "XXXX"
Candidate 1 "XXXX"
Candidate 2 "XXXX"
Candidate 3 "XXXX"
Candidate 8 "XXXX"

The order of the candidates must be the same order as they appear on the


The excact order of the rest of the info is not critical as long as we
tell them where evering is.

Unfortunatly I got this request just a few hours ago from there MIS
and we need this buy tomorrow to run integration tests between GEMS
and there graphics presentation system.

I have resorted to use Hot mail since I did not want to wait until I got

back to the hotel.

Thanks for the help.

Juan A. Rivera

[Juan A. Rivera] PS. I am enclosing Election Day database.

san juan - feb - final Official Election Day.gbf