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RE: Allow accumulated AVTS results to be stored onto and subsequently uploaded from a Smart memory/ microprocessor card into GEMS

The uploading of results will not take 2 minutes.  It will be seconds.  The upload is only uploading results, it is not like the download process, which downloads the wave files along with the database information onto the PCMCIA card.  However, regardless of the time it takes, I agree that having the ability to consolidate the AVTS units within a Precinct, will help the upload time considerably.  One thing to keep in mind, with these new changes, we always need to go back through the Certification process.  I would put this RCR into the 4.0 series and Windows CE 3.0 versions.  Then we can go to Wyle with all of the changes, rather than adding this one item, and having to go back through the Certification process.  Just my opinion of course.
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Subject: Allow accumulated AVTS results to be stored onto and subsequently uploaded from a Smart memory/ microprocessor card into GEMS

We have 4 counties in Maryland:
Dorchester            100 AVTS
Alegheny               330 AVTS
Prince George     2500 AVTS
Montgomery        2800 AVTS
Upcoming Maryland elections.
April 2     City of Bowie in Prince George County                        40 AVTS         8 pcts                 using modem for upload
April 26    High/Middle School election in Montgomery County     340 AVTS       54 locations       no modem
Sept 10              Primary
November 5       General
Don Vopalensky, who is in Maryland and in direct contact with all the counties, says that as it stands the two small counties, Dorchester  and Alegheny, will not use modems for the rest of the year and the larger two are undecided. This brings us to the question of uploading election results election night in a timely manner, with the strong possibility that at least one of the larger counties as well as the two smaller counties will not use modem.
As always the expectation is an almost immediate release of election results from the time the polls close,but without modem we would have to physically gather all the pcmcia cards from each vote center location, take them to a central or regional site and upload each card via a limited number of AVTS units set up to be accumulators that are networked together. At (2) minutes per card (2500 in Prince George) it will take about 83 hours to complete the upload.Of course this is calculated on using just one AVTS for upload but even using 20 upload machines your looking at 4 hours given no complications and that the 2 minutes per card isn't too low an estimate.
Using the Accumulator in AVTS R6, allow a transfer method of storing results onto a "Smart card".
The Smart card that is to be used has been created and  ( uniquely encoded) by GEMS or Card Manager as an accumulator card.
Upload into GEMS via networked AVTS or stand alone Smart Card Reader attached to GEMS host.
Upload results as quickly as possible.
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