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RE: French TS TEXT


Greg does not speak French, and I hear Charles is no longer available.  I you are finished talking with the Corporate office, I suggest calling Frank and getting CTS to do the work.  Instructions on what they need to do are attached.  It is not worth the phone call however until someone is assigned responsibility for audio recording in this company.  I trust that person is not Greg.


Attached is the audio script in English and Spanish.  Translate to French and update the doc, and send back to development with the audio files.  We will include the files in the standard release.  Stick to the strict translation of the script – don’t improvise.  If a specific customer want to customize the script they are welcome to their hearts content later, but we need a standard release to include in our packages.  Make sure we have the rights to the recorded audio.  Record the audio in 22.05khz 16-bit PCM Mono.





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We need to have the French TSText upgraded and brought up to par for the

latest ballot station.  French will be needed when demonstrated for Florida

certification requirements.  Greg, are you the French expert, and can you

help us out on this?

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